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Our Walk-In clinic is strategically designed to best serve you and your family. We understand that having a sick or injured child, family member or friend can be scary, and that is why coming to Southern Family Walk-In is your best option. We are trained to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. We also make sure that wait times are minimal so that we can get you diagnosed and treated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Southern Family clinic will accept Walk-Ins as well as appointments.. This means that you can come into our clinic at your convenience, appointment or no appointment!

We offer a wide range of walk-in health services. We do this so that you can get your diagnosis and treatment done on YOUR time. Below is a list of our walk-in, quick care services for you and your family:

Pediatric Services: We can diagnose and treat your child for just about any illness or injury.

Physical Exams: Sports, Camp, and School Physicals

Workers Compensation: We can treat most all on the job injuries and get you back to work quickly!

Services for Adults: From coughs and colds to gout and injuries, we will get you better faster.

Pharmacy Services: We utilize e-prescribing through our Medical Records system to ensure the local pharmacies have your prescriptions within seconds!

Here are just a few common injuries and illnesses that we can diagnose and treat:

Sinus Infection



Sore and Strep Throat


Ear Infections

Pink Eye

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Bladder and Kidney Infections

Influenza (the Flu)

Back Injuries

Sprains and Broken Bones

Lacerations (Bad Cuts and Scrapes)


Allergic Reactions

And much more!

BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

Millions of individuals are impacted by hormone imbalance every day. From fatigue, and weight gain to severe mood changes, and low libido, many are left with feelings of discomfort, unaware of how they may help alleviate these common issues. Southern Family Walk-In in Baxley, GA specializes in addressing these and other early indicators of aging through precision, personalized patient care plans that optimize hormones and extend patient healthspan.

As a Certified BioTE® Provider, Jessica Alferink, FNP-C is proud to offer BioTE Medical's method of hormone therapy in their Baxley, GA office. With more than 1.7 million insertions performed, BioTE Medical’s method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may help men and women experiencing hormone imbalance. Contact Southern Family Walk-In to schedule an evaluation and learn how restoring hormones to their optimal level may address specific health concerns.

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